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A student meeting with their Academic Advisor.

About Your Advisors

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Academic advising is key to a successful undergraduate experience. Stanford offers a wealth of intellectual opportunities, both in and out of the classroom. Your Academic Advisors can help you take full advantage of all that is available as you create your own unique path through your undergraduate career.

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Students meeting with an Undergraduate Advising Director

Undergraduate Advising Directors in your neighborhood

Your Undergraduate Advising Director (UAD) is a PhD-level, full-time professional academic advisor whose office is in your residential neighborhood. UADs focus on the students in their residence and can assist with both routine and complex matters pertaining to academic requirements and policies, course selection and sequencing, investigating majors, research, fellowships, and post-graduate study.

Meet with a UAD in your neighborhood
The AARC Advising Team

UADs for Student-Athletes

Varsity student-athletes are served by Undergraduate Advising Directors for Student-Athletes, whose offices are in the Athletic Academic Resource Center (AARC) located in Arrillaga Hall. The UADs for Student-Athletes are uniquely qualified and trained to evaluate student-athletes’ academic eligibility requirements as well as to help student-athletes balance their time commitments so that they can meet both their academic and athletic goals.

Meet with a UAD for Student-Athletes
Student meeting with a pre-professional advisor

UADs for Pre-Professional Advising

For students interested in pre-professional pursuits (pre-law, pre-med, pre-business, and pre-education), you may wish to meet with an Undergraduate Advising Director for Pre-Professional Advising.  UADs for Pre-Professional Advising are located on the first floor of Sweet Hall.

Meet with a UAD for Pre-Professional Advising
Student meeting with a coterm advisor

UADs for Coterm, Leland Scholar, and Transfer Advising

Academic Advising also has Undergraduate Advising Directors with focused expertise in supporting coterminal students, Leland Scholars Program students, and transfer students.  These UADs for specific student populations are located on the first floor of Sweet Hall.

Meet with a UAD for Coterm, LSP, or Transfer Advising

Which Academic Advisor should I see?

For general advising issues, make an appointment with your Undergraduate Advising Director (UAD) in your neighborhood or your UAD for Student-Athletes in the AARC. You may also make an appointment with our UADs for coterm, Leland Scholars Program, and transfer students if you are a member of those specific student populations. If you are returning to Stanford after time away, you may make an appointment with the UAD you worked with previously, or else you may consult our Resources for Returning Students.  For pre-professional pursuits (pre-law, pre-med, pre-business, pre-education), you may make an appointment with a UAD for Pre-Professional Advising.  Please note that advisors only accept appointments with current Stanford students or Stanford alumni.

What about major advisors (faculty advisors)?

Once you declare a major by the end of your sophomore year, you will also be assigned a major advisor in your chosen department or program.  Major advisors can help you navigate major requirements as well as dive more deeply into your chosen field.  It’s important to take the initiative to meet with your major advisor so that you have an opportunity for the kind of conversations that are the foundation of a strong mentoring relationship.  Have realistic expectations about your major advisor’s role: for example, don’t expect a faculty member to be able (or willing) to rate every single course in the curriculum. Your major advisor may ask you about your short-term and long-term academic goals and can help you plan a strategy for taking the greatest possible advantage of your undergraduate education.  

Do I still have an Undergraduate Advising Director after I declare a major?

Absolutely!  Even after you declare a major, you will continue to receive support and guidance from Academic Advising throughout your Stanford career.  Your Undergraduate Advising Directors can provide information about graduation requirements and considerations, taking time off from Stanford, and what to do if you are struggling.  Your UADs can also inform you about the many resources and opportunities that Stanford offers, including research grants and fellowships. Your UADs in the residential neighborhoods and in the AARC are available to meet with you for the duration of your time at Stanford.  In addition, you may also wish to consult with our UADs in Sweet Hall with expertise in pre-professional advising (pre-law, pre-health, and pre-business) and coterminal advising. 


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