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Professor Enrique Chagoya works with students in his art class. Credit: Linda Cicero

Resources for Faculty, Instructors, and Staff

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Whether you are meeting with a new undergraduate advisee for the first time, supporting an undergraduate student in difficulty, or trying to better understand the academic policies that apply to your undergraduate student, these resources from Academic Advising can help you build a strong advising relationship.

 Gabby Barratt Heitmann (undergraduate), meets with Emily Lacroix (PhD student in Earth System Science).  Credit: Andrew Brodhead

Getting Started with Your Advisee

Read our tips on how to make your first meeting welcoming and inclusive, as well as useful conversation starters and questions to help your student reflect on what they've learned.

Academic Policy

Find Advising resources related to academic policy, such as information about academic progress expectations and requesting Incompletes.

Fall foliage in Dohrmann Grove. Credit: Linda A. Cicero / Stanford News Service

Supporting Students in Difficulty

Are you concerned about a student?  Here are some important resources across campus if you are looking to support an undergraduate in either their well-being or their academics.

An all-frosh group of student-athletes.

Working with Specific Student Populations

Read about best practices for supporting FLI students, international students, premed-students, student-athletes, and other specific student populations.