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An all-frosh group of student-athletes.

Working with Student-Athletes

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Student-Athletes at Stanford participate in 36 different varsity athletic sports, and make up approximately 12% of the undergraduate population.  This page was designed as a resource for faculty and staff supporting student-athletes.  If you have questions or concerns regarding a student-athlete, please reach out to their Undergraduate Advising Director for Student-Athletes.

On this page: NCAA Eligibility Requirements • Faculty Resources • Faculty Athletic Fellows Program

Virginia Miller throwing a javelin. Credit: Andrew Brodhead

NCAA Eligibility Requirements

Learn more about NCAA academic requirements for student-athletes and satisfactory progress towards degrees.

Faculty Resources

 If you have recommendations as to which materials you would like to see on this webpage, please email Monique Holt at

Faculty Athletic Fellows Program

Faculty Athletics Fellows are a group of faculty committed to strengthening and harmonizing the ties between athletics and academics for Stanford’s student-athletes. Each team will have one or several Faculty Athletics Fellows, who will build rapport with student-athletes and coaches and serve as liaisons and mentors regarding academic resources and opportunities, the challenges student-athletes face both inside and outside the classroom, and career aspirations.   

Program Goals

  • To support and strengthen the ties between athletics and academics at Stanford  
  • To further advance the connections and rapport between our student-athletes and coaches and the faculty 
  • To provide student-athletes with accessible additional sources of support and mentoring  
  • To provide additional guidance to student-athletes in pursuing their academic goals, in managing the demands of their academic and athletic responsibilities, and in pursuing their career aspirations both inside and outside their sport. 
  • To cultivate awareness and appreciation of student-athlete experiences among the faculty

If you are interested in serving as a Faculty Athletics Fellow for a varsity team, please contact Jeff Koseff at

Program Forms and Instructions