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 Juniors Toby Bell and Jane Clayton work at a sunny window in the Green Library stacks. Credit: Linda Cicero

Exploring Your Stanford Courses

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Feeling uncertain about choosing your Autumn courses?  This video series from Academic Advising will teach you how to navigate Stanford's many course offerings.  (You must sign in to Google Drive with your email address to watch.)

2023-2024 Video Series

Introducing Academic Advising (6:33)
In our first video, we'll introduce you to Academic Advising, explore the different kinds of advisors who can help you, and give you a glimpse of what's coming ahead in the next few months.

Exploring Your Interests (9:34)
In our second video, we talk about exploring the arts, humanities, social sciences, and STEM fields at Stanford, as well as what it means to study each of these disciplines.

Resources for Choosing Courses (10:59)
In our third video, we discuss frosh-friendly introductory courses, courses for pre-med students, placement tests and diagnostics, exploring majors and major requirements, and other useful tools to help you choose your courses.

Demystifying Stanford Courses (9:47)
In our fourth video, we explain how Stanford courses work: how courses are structured, what course numbers mean, what your grading options are, what a course "unit" is, and how many units you should enroll in total.

Autumn Course Planning (11:09)
In our final video, we'll take a look at how to use the course catalog, considerations for choosing your Autumn quarter courses, and some sample course schedules to help you get started.

If you are having trouble viewing these videos, please make sure you are signed out of any personal Gmail or Google accounts and only signed in to your Stanford Google Drive account.  On the "You need access" screen, click on the address that appears below "You're signed in as," and log in with your email address.

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Ready to Learn More?

Check out the Current Students section of our website for more resources on choosing courses, advice on exploring majors, answers to frequently asked questions about your academics and requirements, and much more!