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VPUE’s First-Year Survey is currently live

First-year students, please share your perspective on life at Stanford and get entered in a gift-card drawing.

Partners for Academic Excellence (PAE) for Student-Athletes

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Co-sponsored by Academic Advising and the Athletic Department, Partners for Academic Excellence (PAE) is a course intended for first year student-athletes. 

This ongoing orientation offered in Autumn quarter is designed to augment the traditional first-year advising program through community-focused advising groups to ultimately improve the quality of the first-year student-athlete experience. 

First-year student-athletes can register for a 1-unit class, UAR 56 “Building a Successful Academic Career,” led by UADs for Student-Athletes and two upper-class student-athletes. PAE is designed to support student-athletes as they:

  • Integrate into the student-athlete community and develop meaningful relationships with peers 
  • Understand various campus policies to make the most of their academic journey 
  • Explore the multitude of resources across campus 
  • Take ownership over their academic and social decisions 
  • Develop their identity on campus beyond the realm of athletics