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Stanford Immersion in Medicine Series (SIMS)

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About SIMS

SIMS (Stanford Immersion in Medicine Series) provides undergraduates who are interested in pursuing medicine with an opportunity to shadow physicians (and under certain circumstances, by special arrangement, other health care professionals) at Stanford Hospital, Lucile Packard Children's Hospital, and the Palo Alto VA Hospital.  Sophomores, juniors, and seniors in good academic standing are eligible to apply.

SIMS students are paired with a physician mentor and learn from a breadth of experiences including shadowing in clinics and on rounds, observing in the operating room, attending departmental Grand Rounds lectures, and other opportunities as identified.

Participation in this program is only available to matriculated Stanford students.  

Information for Students
Information for Physicians

Information for Students

Over the course of a quarter, students will hopefully establish a meaningful and long-lasting relationship with their physician mentors which can often play an influential role in a student’s decision to pursue medicine.

Program Prerequisites

Before a student begins shadowing a physician, proof of a negative TB skin test or QuantiFERON test within the last 3 months (and within 12 months for returning program participants), as well as MMR, varicella, Tdap, and hepatitis B vaccinations are required.  If your hepatitis B vaccination is in process, you may still participate. A current COVID-19 vaccination is also mandatory for participation.

Participants must also be in good academic standing to apply (e.g., not on academic probation or provisional registration). If you have any concerns about your status, please email Undergraduate Advising Director, Patricia Lewis, at

Requirements after acceptance

  1. Read the physician profiles.
  2. Attend the SIMS Orientation. This session further defines requirements, hospital policies, and appropriate conduct and attire. Attendance is required.
  3. Register for MED 160 in Axess (required).  The 1-unit, CR/NC course counts toward the 20-unit total for a quarter.
  4. Meet with your Physician Mentor:  Participants are required to meet with their physician mentor on at least 4 occasions throughout the quarter.  The duration of each visit is determined by the physician and student.  An initial brief meeting is suggested for introductions and schedule setting.
  5. Complete a reflective essay.  Participants are required to write a 1-page reflective essay due at the end of the quarter.

Apply to SIMS

Interested students must read this informational document containing detailed program guidelines and application instructions. Participating in SIMS is a serious commitment on the parts of both the student and the physician mentor. COVID-19 vaccinations are mandatory for participation and masks will be required.  Accepted participants must provide proof of immunization against hepatitis B, MMR, varicella (chicken pox) and a negative TB skin test within the last twelve months. Students must also provide proof of a seasonal flu vaccination. We recommend completing these health requirements prior to applying. If you are accepted, you should be prepared to dedicate the time, effort, and professionalism to making the quarter-long shadowing experience into a sustainable mentoring relationship.

The Spring 2024 application is now open. The application deadline is Monday, February 26, 2024, at 11:59 PM PST.

Information for Physicians

Physicians are asked to commit to mentoring a student for one academic quarter.  During the quarter, the physician and student meet at least four times.  The duration of each meeting is decided by the physician and student.  An initial brief meeting is suggested for introductions, and schedule setting.  At the end of the quarter, the student completes a required one-page reflective essay in order to pass the one-unit SIMS course.  Physicians who enjoy participating in SIMS may continue as a mentor in subsequent quarters.

Student Training

SIMS students attend a mandatory orientation that includes HIPAA training, review of SHC/LPCH's Code of Conduct, documentation of immunizations, and guidance in professional conduct and attire.  SIMS program and orientation materials have been reviewed by the Director of Compliance at Stanford Hospitals and Clinics.

Register for SIMS

New physician mentors may click here to register.

For more information

For any questions or for additional program information, students and physicians may contact: message will receive a prompt reply.

SIMS is the result of a collaboration between the School of Medicine and the Office of Academic Advising.