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Students from the Thinking Matters program gather on the Quad. Credit: Linda Cicero

Frosh-Friendly Courses

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Interested in checking out courses in a specific area, but unsure where to start? Frosh-Friendly Courses are selected by their departments as excellent opportunities for students to learn more about a field, department, or program.  These courses are intended for beginners, and have few (if any) prerequisites. And while we call them "frosh-friendly," they are also great ways for sophomores, juniors, and even seniors to start learning about a new field!

Courses by Quarter

You can also find Frosh-Friendly courses by typing the special tag VPUE::cc-ff directly in the search bar of ExploreCourses.

Please note that ExploreCourses is updated each year around mid-August.  If you don't yet see the upcoming year's list of Frosh-Friendly courses at the links above, be sure to check back again later!

School Sites

For more information about how Stanford students can get involved in different fields, be sure to visit the following sites: