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Coterm Degree Conferral

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Degree Conferral Considerations

Coterms may apply for undergraduate degree conferral once undergraduate degree requirements are complete. Graduate degree conferral can only be at the same time or after undergraduate degree conferral. Coterms may opt to have the undergraduate degree conferred at the end of any quarter with an active registration status.

General considerations and questions students should ask themselves when considering degree conferral:

  • Do you need your undergraduate degree for the purposes of job opportunities? Fellowships?
  • Will you be taking a leave? Could a leave impact your plans to return to Stanford?
  • All Stanford students need an active registration status to apply to graduate.
  • Students that wish to graduate when they do not have an active enrollment may apply for “grad quarter.”
    • NOTE: Coterms with an active undergraduate program qualify for this option ONLY if they are conferring BOTH degrees.
  • If you feel uncertain about your plans and/or are going to take a leave of absence, you may want to have your undergraduate degree conferred while you have an active enrollment status.
  • Coterms have 3 years from the matriculation quarter to complete the graduate degree, with some flexibility depending on your department’s policies.
  • Athletes should always check with their UAD for Student-Athletes about whether degree conferral affects eligibility.
  • International students should check visa implications.

Are you considering any of the limited part-time graduate student options?

  • Coterms with open undergraduate degrees are NOT allowed to apply for graduate special tuition statuses.  In other words, there may be special tuition opportunities in a final quarter for students with conferred undergraduate degrees.
  •  Any students planning to apply to the part-time graduate student option through the honors cooperative program must plan to have the undergraduate degree conferredbefore they can begin in addition to the other admission requirements of that program.   

Considerations for leaving the undergraduate degree open for one or more quarters:

  • Flexibility if there is a scheduling issue.
  • VPUE Undergraduate Research funds require undergraduate status.
  • Study abroad program may require undergraduate status.
  • Student may not transfer units after degree conferral.