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 Juniors Clara Galperin and Josie Hodson, both art history majors, work on their honors thesis proposals in the Bowes Art and Architecture Library. Credit: Linda Cicero

One-Unit Wonders and Terrific Twos

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There are many courses at Stanford that are only one or two units (representing approximately 3-6 hours of work per week). These courses include “introduction to the field” courses, speaker-series courses, and activity courses. They offer a unique way to explore an area of interest and round out your schedule with an extra unit or two! 

Courses By Quarter

You can also find 1 and 2 unit courses by typing the special tag VPUE::cc-wonders directly in the search bar of ExploreCourses.

This list is not exhaustive-- be sure to explore 1 and 2 unit opportunities in Wellness Education, Outdoor Education and Physical Wellness as well!

Please note that ExploreCourses is updated each year around mid-August.  If you don't yet see the upcoming year's list of One Unit Wonders and Terrific Twos at the links above, be sure to check back again later!