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Forms and Special Statuses for Coterms

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Coterminal Course Transfer Form

This is an e-form in Axess.

Deadline: Always the same as the late application to graduate deadline for the quarter in which you will have your undergraduate degree conferred. This is a firm deadline. If both your UG and GR programs have approved the form, then it is on time even if the registrar’s office has not processed it yet. 

Advising tips: It is smart to submit this form before you petition to graduate.

Request for an Exception to Exceed Maximum Units Form

The Request for Exception to Exceed Maximum Units (Coterm) eForm can be found on Axess. The eForm requires an Academic Advisor's signature. Your Undergraduate Advising Director, UAD for Student-Athletes, or the UAD for Coterminal Advising can sign this form.

Deadline: Final study list deadline

Advising notes: Maximum units for coterms in the undergraduate billing group is 20 units (or 21 with an activity unit), even though Axess allows coterms to enroll in more than 20 units.

If you are in the undergraduate billing group and wish to take more than 20 units, you still need to request an exception to exceed 20 units even if you are already enrolled in more than 20 units. If you exceed 20 units without approval to do so, you will have an enrollment hold added.

If you are in the graduate billing group, you may enroll in up to 24 units without submitting a form, though such a high unit count is generally discouraged.

Late Add/Drop/Withdrawal/Change of Grading Basis, etc. for units on the undergraduate career

Forms to request special exceptions on the undergraduate career can be found on the undergraduate Requests for Exception page.

Requests to Make a Change to the Graduate Transcript/Career 

Special requests regarding the graduate career for the matters below have specific e-forms available in Axess:

  • Enrollment Change Petition: Enrollment Changes in Current or Prior Quarter- Late Add/*Drop/Withdrawal, Changes to Variable Units, *Change of Grading Basis, Extension of an Incomplete. *Petitions to late drop units or for a change of grading basis are only available for the current quarter.
  • Second Repeat Petition

Leave of Absence

There can several LOA e-forms in Axess available to coterms. Coterms with both careers open should use the Leave of Absence for Coterm e-form.

Advising notes: You must petition for leave in both programs if the undergraduate degree is still open. Leave is granted at the discretion of your graduate department for one year maximum (eight quarters) at a time and may not exceed a cumulative total of two years. Note that you must complete the graduate degree within three years from matriculation. Summer enrollment is optional for coterms, making summer leave unnecessary.  If you request summer as a leave quarter on the form, it will be counted as one of your eight permitted quarters of leave.

Special Registration Statuses

A special registration status allows students who meet certain criteria to adjust enrollment requirements or have an enrollment status without units.

All statuses indicated below may be requested via an e-form in Axess. More details about these statuses can be found here.

  • Graduation quarter
  • Reduced Course Load (For Coterms in the Undergraduate Tuition Group)
  • Graduate Petition for Part-Time Enrollment – OAE Accomodation (For Coterms in the Graduate Tuition Group)
  • Graduate Petition for Part-Time Enrollment (For Coterms in the Graduate Tuition Group in Their Final Quarter)
  • Terminal Graduate Registration (TGR)
  • TGR Final Registration