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Advising-Related Forms for Coterms

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Transferring courses between degrees

Policies related to moving units between the undergraduate and graduate careers can be found on the Coterm Course Transfer Page.

Coterminal Course Transfer Form 

It is smart to submit this form before you petition to graduate. Individual departments may have earlier deadlines so make sure you are communicating with the graduate departmental advisor. The registrar’s office will not accept any transfer submissions, changes, or corrections after 5 PM on the deadline date. The deadline is the same day as the late application deadline for the quarter in which you are petitioning to graduate.

Exceeding Units

If you are in the undergraduate billing group and wish to take more than 20 units, you still need to request an exception to exceed 20 units even if axess allows the enrollment without permission. If you exceed 20 units without approval to do so, you will have an enrollment hold added.

Because you have two careers, the system allows you to enroll in more than 20 units if you are adding units to both careers. However, you need to submit a request for exemption to exceed maximum units.

If you are in the graduate billing group, you may enroll in up to 24 units without submitting a form, though such a high unit count is generally discouraged.

For more information on how to change or check your billing group, see the Coterm Tuition Assessment Page.

The Request for Exception to Exceed Maximum Units [Fillable PDF] form can be found on this webpage. The form requires an Academic Advisor's signature. Your Undergraduate Advising Director, UAD for Student-Athletes, or the UAD for Coterminal Advising can sign this form.

All other special requests to make a change to the undergraduate transcript/career... 

Forms to request special exceptions on the undergraduate career can be found on the undergraduate Requests for Exception page.

Special Requests to Make a Change to the Graduate Transcript/Career 

Special requests regarding the graduate career for the matters below can be made via the Petition to Change Course Enrollment Form.

  • Late Add
  • Late Change of Course Units
  • Extension of a Pending Incomplete Grade
  • Repeat a Course for the Second Time

Special requests to withdraw after the deadline may be made via the Request to Withdraw After the Deadline Form.

Note that special requests to change the grading basis of a course on the graduate career after the deadline are not permitted.

Leave of Absence

You must petition for leave in both programs if the undergraduate degree is still open. Leave is granted at the discretion of your graduate department for one year maximum (eight quarters, including summers) at a time and may not exceed a cumulative total of two years. Note that you must complete the graduate degree within three years from matriculation.

Leave of Absence Form

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