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First-year students, please share your perspective on life at Stanford and get entered in a gift-card drawing.

Knight Management Center, Stanford Graduate School of Business. Credit: Linda A. Cicero / Stanford News Service

Planning for Business School

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Business school is often considered a way to develop effective leadership capabilities in the for-profit and non-profit sectors. Many people move back and forth between both sectors during the course of their careers. There is a great deal of flexibility with designing academic plans that prepare them for business school. Most business schools welcome all majors, so pursue something that you find intellectually exciting.

Planning for Business School

  1. Consider taking at least one calculus course (many schools prefer a year of math). Also consider classes in economics, computer science, statistics, or organizational behavior (psychology or sociology).
  2. Consider taking time off to work in the business or non-profit sectors. Most MBA students spent two to five years working before attending business school.
  3. Join the Stanford Pre-business Association, a group of more than 500 undergraduates interested in business. The club sponsors activities and services designed to expose its members to various aspects of the business world.
  4. Consult an Academic Advisor.

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