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Undergraduate Advising Director

Kristin Black

Undergraduate Advising Director, Academic Advising Operations
Kristín Black is an Undergraduate Advising Director in the office of Academic Advising. Her advising conversations with students include academic planning, exploring interests, identifying goals, choosing majors, assessing academic progress, connecting with faculty, enhancing study habits and other academic skills, finding opportunities for research and service, applying for grants and fellowships, navigating university requirements and policies, and other aspects of students' academic endeavors. She is also the campus representative for the national Goldwater Scholarship which recognizes sophomores and juniors with especially high potential to become leaders in basic research in science, mathematics and engineering.

Kristín has been an Undergraduate Advising Director since 2010. Before that she was the Education Director for the National Science Foundation Research Center on Polymer Interfaces and Macromolecular Assemblies, a lecturer in the Stanford Biology department coordinating undergraduate research and honors programs, and a postdoctoral scholar in Stanford’s Biology department studying the regulation of asexual sporulation in fungi.


PhD, University of Chicago, Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology
MA, University of California, Berkeley, Zoology
AB, University of California, Berkeley, Biochemistry