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AARC Group Session Tutorial

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The AARC offers a group session and drop-in tutorial program that provides student-athletes with academic support for most classes in which they request assistance. AARC tutorial is offered in addition to tutorial resources available on campus at a time and in a location that is conducive to student-athlete schedules. Tutors are typically current Stanford graduate students. 

About AARC Group Session Tutorials

  • Introductory courses in biology, chemistry, economics, engineering, human biology, management science & engineering, math, mechanical engineering, physics, and statistics
  • Once per week for 2 hours
  • Date/time/location determined by tutoring group and tutor
  • Tutoring for upper-level classes provided when possible, but no guarantee of tutor availability
  • For a group of students only – one-on-one tutoring is not permitted by the AARC
  • Group tutorial schedule will be finalized beginning Week 2 of each quarter
  • The AARC Conference Room is located in the new AARC on the 2nd floor of Arrillaga Hall (338 Arguello Way). The AARC Main Collaborative Space is the main study area located on the righthand side as you enter the new AARC. The Sun and AB rooms are located in the AFSC (641 Campus Drive). The Sun room is to the right of the Kissick Auditorium entrance (across from the bathrooms). The AB room is through the ground floor of the Hall of Champions, on the right-hand side (where it looks like a fire exit). You will need your ID to badge into all athletics facilities.

AARC Group Advising Schedule: Spring 2021-2022

Group tutoring information is also posted on our Canvas page; request access here.

CHEM 33 - Group 1 Anne Wampler Sundays 7-9pm AFSC AB Room
CHEM 33 - Group 2 Lawrence Berg Thursdays 8-10pm AARC Conference Room
CHEM 143 Anne Wampler Sundays 5-7pm AFSC Sun Room
CME 100 Nathan Noma Wednesdays 7-9pm AARC Conference Room
CS 103 Parker Killion Sundays 7-9pm AARC Conference Room
CS 106A Parker Killion Mondays 5-7pm AARC Conference Room
CS 106B - Group 1 Jagriti Dixit Mondays 7-9pm AFSC AB Room
CS 106B - Group 2 Jagriti Dixit Wednesdays 7-9pm AFSC Sun Room
ENGR 14 Coby Benheim Sundays 5-7pm AARC Conference Room
MATH 20 Rhythem Sharma Mondays 8-10pm AARC Conference Room
MATH 21 Marissa Lee Sundays 4-6pm AFSC Sun Room
MATH 51 - Group 1 Alvin Lee Mondays 7-9pm AFSC Sun Room
MATH 51 - Group 2 Swetha Vaidyanathan Sundays 5-7pm AARC Main Collaborative Space
ME 70 Nathan Noma Tuesdays 7-9pm AARC Conference Room
PHYSICS 25 Emma Cuddy Sundays 6-8pm AFSC Sun Room
PHYSICS 43 Brent Avery Sundays 8-10pm AFSC Sun Room