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How Do I Find Out When My Finals Are?

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Note: For AY 2020-21, the Academic Senate has decided, in light on the ongoing pandemic, that there will be no traditional final exam week for undergraduates and graduate students for the entire 2020-21 academic year. The professional schools, GSB, Law and Medicine (MD and MSPA programs) may make different decisions.

One of the key elements to planning a successful quarter is careful consideration of your final exam schedule at the end of that quarter. When you commit to a class, you also commit to the announced final exam. The Registrar always posts the final exam schedule for all classes well in advance, so be sure to consult their pages below.

Final Exam Information on the Registrar's Website

Your Responsibilities

It is your responsibility to make sure that you will be available at the announced final exam time and that you do not have two exams at the same time. Stanford’s policy declares that you accept the final exam schedule when you continue in the classes past the Final Study List deadline. If two exams conflict, you must not register for both classes.

There is no policy that requires faculty to offer you an alternative exam time if you have a conflict or if you have multiple exams in the same day.

Final Exam Schedules are published ahead of time so that you have the information to make such decisions--classes are assigned a time slot based on when the course meets, except for certain group exams. Your Academic Advisor can help you interpret the schedule if necessary. Around the middle of the quarter, specific exam times will appear in the ExploreCourses listing as well.

Bonus! Checking your final exam schedule in advance means you can figure out your travel schedule for Winter Break and Spring Break, too.

Read more about Stanford’s End-Quarter Examination Policy 

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