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How Do I Find My Transcript?

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The transcript is the formal record of your academic career at Stanford.  As you proceed through your Stanford journey, you may be asked to submit a transcript as part of your application for fellowships, internships, employment, or graduate school. You may also simply want one for your own records, or to check information.

Official Transcripts vs Unofficial Transcripts

Stanford provides two different versions of your transcript: an unofficial transcript that you can see on Axess at any time, and an official transcript (either an electronic or a paper version) that you must request through Axess in advance.  Note that requests for official transcripts may take several business days to process.

To view your unofficial transcript, go to "My Academics" on Axess.  Select "Request transcript" from the dropdown menu, and select "Unofficial Transcript."  (Note that the transcript pops up in a new window, so be sure to disable your popup blocker if you don't see it.)

To request your official transcript, go to "My Academics" on Axess.  Select "Request transcript" from the dropdown menu, and choose "Official Transcript."  You can find more detailed instructions with screenshots on the Registrar's site.  

Keep in mind that the unofficial transcript carries additional information that is internal to Stanford only.  This includes information about previous grades if any of your grades were updated after their original submission, as well as any academic progress statuses that you may currently have (e.g. academic probation).  If you do not wish this information to be shared with an employer or an application committee, send them a copy of your official transcript instead.

Registrar Resources

The Office of the Registrar is “the stewards of Stanford's student records from application to degree conferral in perpetuity.” This includes transcripts.

The Registrar's website has a section devoted to transcript guidelines and information, including instructions on how to request a transcript, third party transcript requests, and an FAQ about transcripts.  

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