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Can I Take More Than One THINK Course?

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You can indeed take more than one THINK course, and we encourage you to do so! THINK courses are completely frosh-friendly--they are only available to you in your first year and offer highly-individualized attention through small discussion sections and tutorials.

Because ALL Thinking Matters courses satisfy at least one WAYS breadth requirement, your Thinking Matters course will ‘double’ count for both the THINK requirement and one of the WAYS. We recommend that you consider enrolling in a second THINK course as an elective to satisfy a second WAY.

How Do I Enroll in a Think Class?

Adding a THINK course is easy:  you can sign up when Axess opens just like any other course.  There is no limit on how many Thinking Matters courses you can take.   NOTE: You are not obligated to enroll in the course in which you have a reserved space. You may change your THINK course reservation. However, you MUST complete at least one Thinking Matters course in the first year.

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