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What are my minimum academic progress requirements?

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Keep in mind the following minimum requirements for remaining in good academic standing, and contact an Academic Advisor if you have concerns about your academic performance. 

You can read more about the university's official academic progress policies on the Stanford Bulletin.

Minimum Requirements

To remain in good academic standing, undergraduate students must:

  • Earn at least 9 units each quarter
  • Earn at least total 36 units over the most recent three quarters
  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 (C average)

Please note that the conditions listed above may be impacted by accommodations from the Office of Accessible Education (for example, a Reduced Course Load). See your Academic Advisor if you have questions about your particular situation.

Keep in mind that coterminal students have a different set of academic progress requirements, and that this can vary depending on your tuition group.

Some students have additional requirements and restrictions that are not related to the requirements for academic progress: for example, international students, NCAA athletes, and students on outside fellowships usually cannot go below 12 units in a quarter. If you think you might earn fewer than 12 units, be sure to consult an Academic Advisor to discuss your individual case.

Common Confusions

Be aware of the difference between enrolling in units and earning units. All students need to enroll in at least 12 units at the beginning of every quarter (unless on an OAE approved Reduced Course Load). At the end of the quarter, when your transcript shows a passing grade for each course, then you have earned the units. You can earn units with any grade of D-minus or above, with a CR (Credit) grade, or with an S (Satisfactory) grade. NP (No Pass) and NC (No Credit) are failing grades that do not earn units.

Be especially careful to consult an academic advisor about incompletes or repeating classes. Incompletes do not count as earned units until the final grade has been entered in Axess, and units not earned by the grade submission deadline do not count toward Academic Progress. Remember that Academic Progress is a snapshot in time. So anything completed after the final grade submission deadline for the quarter in question won't go into the calculation for that specific quarter, which is why an Incomplete completed after the grade submission deadline won't impact your Academic Progress for the quarter in question.

However, this doesn't mean that your previous quarters don't count towards Academic Standing.  Remember that one of your requirements is to earn 36 units over 3 consecutive quarters. Repeating classes for which you have earned units within the span of three quarters can result in losing the previously earned units and bring you under the 36 units required. So please check with your Academic Advisor before repeating a course!

Depending on your individual situation, there may be different rules about enrolling and earning units, so be sure to consult an Academic Advisor if you have questions.

On Financial Aid?

Financial Aid also has separate rules for Satisfactory Academic Progress that students on financial aid should understand.

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