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Help, I have an enrollment hold!

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If you have an enrollment hold on your account, you won't be able to sign up for classes on Axess or make changes to your course schedule.  Read our advice on what to do if you should find yourself with an enrollment hold.

Types of Enrollment Holds

Some enrollment holds are placed by Academic Advising, and require you to meet with an Academic Advisor before the hold can be lifted.  But not every hold is an Advising hold!

Holds can be placed by other offices too.  Student Financial Services may place an enrollment hold on your account if you have an unpaid tuition bill, for example.  Or the Bechtel International Center may place a hold on your account if you are an international student who needs to update their SEVIS information.  Many different types of holds are possible, and require different actions to lift them.  Note that your Academic Advisor cannot lift holds that have been placed by other offices.

Be on the lookout for one hold in particular: the Student Information Update hold.  This hold is placed on all students once a year by the Registrar's office.  To lift the hold, all you have to do is update your student information on Axess.  Only you can take this action-- your Academic Advisor cannot lift this hold for you!

What to do if you have an enrollment hold

  1. Check AXESS for more information about your hold. You can usually click on the hold to see what office has placed the hold, what steps you need to take, and whom to contact.
  2.  Reach out to the office or individual that has placed the hold and take any necessary actions to resolve it (e.g. paying your tuition bill, scheduling an advising meeting, updating your student information, etc).
  3. Contact your Academic Advisor if the enrollment hold is preventing you from making any desired changes to your Study List by the Week 3 Add/Drop deadline or the Week 8 Withdraw and Grading Basis deadline.  
  4. Talk with your Academic Advisor to ask questions and get advice on next steps.  For example, if you can't enroll in a class but intend to join, you may want to reach out to the instructor to let them know and to stay caught up on course work and announcements.

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