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What's an Academic Coach?

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Think of an academic coach like a personal trainer. The coach is adjusting the weights, offering new workouts, supporting you, and providing guidance to help you achieve your goals. The obvious difference is that an academic coach is helping you strengthen your learning fitness.

Your goals might sound like this:

  • “I want to study more efficiently.”
  • “I want to procrastinate less.”
  • “I think I could be managing my time better.”
  • “I don’t want my anxiety to get in the way of how I perform on a final.”
  • “I’d like to retain more of the information I learn for the long-term.”

Undergraduates, Master’s students, and Ph.D. candidates walk into Academic Skills Coaching sessions year-round with statements like these and many more. Coaches offer strategies, accountability, and encouragement along the way. Book an appointment to start your individual coaching.

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