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Self-Assessment (Pre-Professional)

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As you navigate your Stanford career, you will encounter a number of enriching and unexpected turns where you may find your perspectives broadened, assumptions questioned, and goals clarified. Embrace each moment, even if it takes you closer to or farther away from what you initially imagined your journey to be.

While you may have had long-standing hopes of becoming a doctor, use your Stanford experience to further explore those interests and embrace your other passions. In our experience, the most successful medical school applicants are those that have questioned their intentions only to discover a deeper and more complex interest in medicine. While some of these journeys may lead students to in-depth research experiences, non-science majors, community health advocacy in underserved areas, or global health initiatives, each opportunity allowed for a reflective look at a pre-med’s sincere interest in serving others in the healthcare community.

This pre-health self-assessment was developed to help you broaden such perspectives, question long-standing assumptions, and ultimately clarify your future goals and aspirations. You will ultimately be asked similar information at the time of your application, as medical school admissions committees will have the same questions about you, your motivation, and your preparation for medical school. This tool is not meant to be completed in one sitting, but rather please use it throughout your Stanford career. It is our hope that this consistent introspection and reflection will allow you to evolve your initial interests into a grounded pursuit of your future career.

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