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Advising Interactive Worksheet: The Fourth Year

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The Final Quarters: 136 – 180 Units (or so)

The fourth year, commonly referred to as the Senior Year, is a time when you will simultaneously know a great deal about your chosen major and the Stanford environment, and when you will also actively be thinking about your transition out of Stanford and your next steps. The challenge is to balance engaging as much as possible in synthesizing your undergraduate work, both in and outside the classroom setting, while also planning your next steps. Experiential learning opportunities, senior capstone and research courses, as well as mentors can make a real difference in how you feel about the transition to your next step after conferring your undergraduate degree.

  • Synthesis of academic, extra-curricular, and professional interests
  • Wrapping up academic work in your major
  • Consolidating relationships with faculty
  • Working with BEAM, Industry Specialists, alumni. (According to “Stanford Destinations,” in 2015-2016, 869 alumni mentors worked directly with our undergraduates)
  • Working with academic advisors and mentors as you apply to graduate or professional schools

It is extremely important to find time to pause and reflect during this final year about:

  • What you have learned (content and knowledge)
  • What skills you have acquired and how they might be applied to your resume, work or graduate school environment
  • How you have developed as a person – what do you value, what are your personal goals, etc.
  • Who are your mentors, professional and personal
  • What kind of support system do you have in place or would you like to have in place: family, friends, partners, teachers, etc.
  • How will you approach wellness and balance during transition (CAPS, yoga, exercise, etc.)

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Academic Advising is a planning process that helps students to approach their education in an organized and meaningful way… 

—National Academic Advising Association 

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