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Coterm Application

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Applying to Coterm

To be eligible to apply to any coterminal program, you must have:

  • earned 120 units
  • completed 6 non-summer quarters at Stanford (2 for transfer students)
  • declared a major

Additional application requirements and deadlines vary by graduate department and interdisciplinary program. Apply for admission directly with the department or program. In any given quarter, you may apply to only one coterminal master's degree. Detailed requirements (units, quarters, etc.) are outlined in the Student Services Coterm Overview pages.

Applications are submitted online. Details about application procedure, components, and deadlines can be found here: Registrar's Office Coterm

Eligibility for a co-term graduate application fee waiver is based on the Financial Aid Office’s evaluation of your need-based aid application.  Those from families with income below $125,000 and typical assets for that income range will qualify. The waiver is automatically applied and no special request is necessary. The application fee is not charged unless you are accepted and matriculate into a coterm program.

Matriculation / Enrollment

After you accept an offer of admission into a master's degree program as a coterm, your graduate career will open in Axess. This designates your first graduate quarter, and you may enroll directly in courses toward both undergraduate and graduate careers. Note that Axess expects you to enroll in a minimum of three units in each career per quarter, though this is not a university requirement. In case you run into technical difficulties with enrollment in Axess, visit the Student Services Center for assistance.

  • In some cases, it is possible to change the quarter of matriculation. Many departments will have coterms matriculate in the next available quarter. Some will have students matriculate in certain quarters regardless of when they were accepted.  If you need to matriculate sooner or later than the set date, please work with the department directly to see if you can make such an adjustment.
  • Note that you must have at least one quarter with both programs open before you can petition for undergraduate degree conferral.

Though you still have your undergraduate degree open, you are now a graduate student and also have many graduate student resources available, such as Coterm Orientation and the Gateway for New Graduate Students